Alth rotors born from an original idea of persons that after many years experience as motorcycle's dealers and in the world of motorcycle competition, gained the right skills to offer a safety equipment and a hight quality product, unique for its carachteristics.

The productions range from the scooters to the road motorcycles with products for competition and for standard equipment of the principals brand names as Ducati, Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki, Harley Davidson and more...

Alth produces both fixed and floatings discs ( fronts and rears ) in ROUND and WAVES designs, with hub and pawls in different colours to better suit the colour of your motorcycle.



 Materials used by us are certified and choosen after many tests: the use of high quality raw materials ( special carbon and chromium steels) along with the strict heat treatment give the material the right hardness, which is not only for the surface layer;
All this makes our discs a sole product in their sector.
All our products are designed with the help of the best CAD/CAM designing system and worked out in modern CNC working centers.


Each disc has a very intensive working cycle, already from the cut of the metal sheet which is made only by laser in order to have a very good finish degree.
The working cycle includes: hardening, CNC grinding, CNC milling and turning.
A very carefull quality control is made as a further guarantee for a high level and dependable product from all aspects.



Experience and skills gained in the field of brake discs enabled Alth to develop a line of brake pads. Alth brake pad is an excellent product both as replacement and as a perfect combination with Alth brake discs.



Alth pads are produced only in SINTERED material, that because the sintered process completely satisfy the needs of braking. The sintered pad is composed of several dust that after a process of assembly are compressed in only one friction compound. That compound is the placed on a metallic piece and heated in a furnace at the tenperature of 800¬įC. The last working process is the grinding and then the pad is ready to be packed.